Who can take the Advanced Driving Test (ADT)?

  • Any driver with a current valid full licence for the vehicle. However, since much of Roadcraft is about applying experience as well as skill, it is unlikely that any driver will be ready until they have been driving for at least a year.

What about past convictions?

  • Some Penalty Points do not bar you from the IAM test, but you must have a current UK licence.

Do I have to give a commentary?

  • No. It’s not been a compulsory part of the test for many years, however we will encourage you to try it as part of your test preparation as you may be offered an opportunity during the ADT.

Will I save on my insurance?

  • No promises, but most drivers do, and there is a dedicated IAM scheme. Certainly none of our Members pay more. And you can also save on membership of the RAC and other benefits.

Does CLAM provide cars for me to practice?

  • Neither the IAM nor the Group hires or lends out cars, so you will need to have use of a vehicle insured for you to drive, both for Observed Drives and for practising the points raised which is generally best done as part of your regular driving. That (and our volunteer Observers) is how we can keep the cost to such good value

Does CLAM include motorcyclists?

  • No, but see our LINKS to contact London or East London Advanced Motorcyclists.