Getting Ready

We will help you to raise your everyday driving to IAM Test standard (so you’ll be able to pass the Advanced Driving Test). Most of this practice will need to be in your own time, using verbal and written guidance provided during our monthly Observed Drives.

Our Observers are full IAM members who wish to use their experience to help others, and who have been trained to be Qualified Observers. They are all Volunteers who give their services free of charge. Occasionally, or in special circumstances they are available for allocation on an individual basis.

During an Observed Drive, which last about an hour, your Observer will assess your current standard of driving and suggest ways to cut out any bad habits and improve your observation and technique. At the end of each drive you will be given a written record of key points to revise and practice before your next Observed Drive. On average, between 4 and 6 such drives are needed to reach IAM Test standard.

Observed Drives must be booked and are available each month (except August & December) on a designated Sunday morning at a location in Richmond Park (see OBSERVED DRIVES page). Do please book well in advance for these sessions.