The IAM test

The IAM Advanced Driving Test (ADT) is a drive of about 1½ hours taking in every kind of road from High Street to Motorway, and tests all aspects of your car control, manoeuvring and observation, as well as knowledge and application of the System of Car Control and of the Highway Code.

IAM examiners are serving or retired Police Class 1 instructors, and the standard expected (whilst nowhere near Class 1) is high and is based on the principles established in the Roadcraft manual. Despite this, none of our Associate Members once prepared has needed more than two attempts. Most pass first time.

IAM has over 100,000 members, and over 400,000 people have already benefited from developing the road skills needed to pass the ADT, and from the greater enjoyment in driving that then followed.

Test locations are available all over the country, including four around the London suburbs. Test dates will be agreed to suit you, but we do advise that you don’t apply for your ADT until your driving has been assessed by one of our Observers.